Glossip Girl Canada was founded on two principals: exceptional client service and outstanding products that actually do what they say they will. The company is currently comprised of over 90 distributors and steadily growing every single day. We are proud and honoured to represent the LipSense by Senegence brand across Canada.

We stand behind the only lip colour on the market guaranteed to stay on for 4-18 hours or you get your money back. That's a 100% guarantee.






Dini dimakos | GLOSS BOSS

   If you recognize our Gloss Boss, it may be from the 8 years she spent as a TV personality on Much's hit homegrown shows Video on Trial, LOL, Stars Gone Wild and Love Court.  
   In 2013 Dini's life headed in a new direction as she welcomed the birth of her daughter Odessa. When Odessa turned 1 year old, Dini headed back to work in the entertainment field. She appeared on several television commercials and a series, however, something was missing.

   "At the heart of it," Dini states, "even though I was getting roles, the role I missed most was being a Mom. I knew I had to find a way to work from home."  

   The LipSense opportunity arose in early 2017 when Dini watched her friend Diana Smith soar to the top of the company. Inspired, the thriving network Glossip Girl Canada  was born. Today, Dini is a Top Award Winning Leader in the company with a large clientele and outstanding team of Gloss Bosses supporting each other across the country. To learn more, click on the BUSINESS tab.